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For Koerner Custom Homes, the important bottom line is our ability
to make you a satisfied customer.

This is the company philosophy, a dedication to quality and service, that has been our strength over the years.
In addition to outstanding designs, an old fashioned belief in craftsmanship and a refusal to take short cuts, we believe in quality control and personal attention. Customers follow us because we follow-up.

We take the extra step in perfecting the buyer-builder relationship with our One-on-One program. This program opens up the doors of communication between buyer and builder. It gives you personal input and insight into the construction of you new home. It allows the Koerner Homes team to respond to your needs on a scheduled coordinated basis. And when we are finished, you are a satisfied customer.

Be A Member Of The Koerner Homes Team

  • Pre-Construction Conference - To review plans, verify selections with the Builder, bring everyone up to date and explain all construction steps.
  • Progress Reports from Builder - Starting with building permit right through completion of your new home.
  • Hard Hat Inspection - With Builder before "closing in" while basic systems are still visible. A complete study of wiring, pipes, studs and other important structural features.
  • Pre-Settlement Review - Builder personally walks you through a detailed inspection of all aspects of your home, and then generates a definitive punch-list.
  • Consumer Satisfaction Report - Your evaluation to Koerner Homes management at settlement on the entire sales & construction process.*
  • One-on-One Follow Up - Immediately after occupancy by the Builder to make sure everything is just the way you want it.*
  • 60 Day Service Follow-up - With the new homeowners to ensure that systems are functioning properly and punch-list items were properly completed.*
  • One-year Warranty Check-up - To make sure you are getting full benefits and full service on all warranted items.*
          (Options we offer at the request of our customers)

Be A Member Of The Koerner Homes Team!
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