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Koerner Homes, formed in 1983 by David Koerner, is committed to the objective of producing a better product by striving for excellence.
Excellence in location, site selection, design and construction.
By accomplishing this objective, we believe our home owners become our best source of advertising. We give a great deal of thought to designing our homes the way you want to live.

If one of our homes seems tailor-made for you, it may be because you and others like you have helped design it . . . at least indirectly, because through years of market research we have learned what you want in design and function.

We consider traffic patterns, space, light, volume, views, formal and informal living areas, indoor-outdoor orientation, energy efficiency and many other factors including impressively elegant exteriors as well as exciting interiors.

We are continually striving to produce a better home, a home you will be proud to own, a home you will enjoy living in, and a home that will prove to be a wise investment.

The integrity of our firm is reflected in the integrity of our homes.
I am extremely proud of the dedicated workers who understand this and help us achieve our goals. They make it possible to place my name with pride on our Company and its homes.

Koerner Custom Homes is a member of:
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • Texas Association of Builders
  • East Texas Builders Association
  • Longview Chamber of Commerce

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